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Our housing management software will enable your program to manage housing operations as effectively as possible. Let’s face it — as a tribally designated housing entity, you need to cover all the bases from leasing and maintenance to finance. You also need to create ease for tenants and staff to communicate effectively at all aspects of residency, from application to conveyance.  This means you need the freedom to tailor software to fit your processes, not the other way around.

A revolution to tribal-specific housing management software, HousingTrac provides a comprehensive and flexible set of tools crafted to help you take on today’s challenges. Our open and secure cloud connected technology gives you the freedom to choose how to run your housing program without compromise. Innovative property management software can automate manual processes, save time, and increase productivity for your organization, while meeting the unique accounting, finance and management needs of TDHE’s.


Our Founder - Andreas Pasqual is a former long time senior management professional for the Tohono O'odham Nation's TDHE in Southern Arizona.  The Tohono O'odham Nation is the second largest Native American Reservation in the United States.  During his tenure he was responsible for drastic reductions in tenant accounts receivables and overall zero HUD findings within his first three years.  Achieving these goals opened the doors for new program leveraging and expansion.  His former TDHE has now expanded their housing stock with over 150 new construction and several projects currently under development. His long-term vision was to create a tool capable of helping other TDHE's achieve this possibility.

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Housing in Indian Country is unique and diverse.  With large reservation land masses for some tribes or even our smaller relations, having the capability to take program functions out to your constituency is paramount.  21st Century technology makes this possible.  With the latest security measures in place -- HousingTrac allows for your TDHE to function its entire management software right from a secure website portal.  This allows all authorized users the ability to do a majority of daily tasks from virtually anywhere without the need for onsite servers and computer equipment to host current management softwares.

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Allow your TDHE applicants and current participants the ability to apply for services, maintain their account (online payments, recertification, maintenance requests), upload required documents, receive immediate notices and communicate in real time with the TDHE.  In our post COVID-19 social distancing measures, HousingTrac was ahead of creating a socially-distanced capable program before the pandemic.  Our logic was simple, to create the ability to bring simple program services to our participants through their mobile devices or home computer.

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HousingTrac was created with a vision to simplify your work load.  Our Founder created this software with one thing in mind - simple and easy-to-use.  Imagine using a software as easy as Google to locate participant information, modify it, and communicate with participants from anywhere.  Create reports, view lists, make notes all from a laptop, tablet, or mobile device.  Working from home in our socially-distanced world is now capable with HousingTrac. 

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We are excited to show you our game-changing software.  Please contact us to schedule a demonstration.

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